Colorado Celtic Calendar!


It's the only local Weekly Planner now available in the Denver area! 

The New Moons, Full Moons, Equinoxes and Solstices are correct for Mountain Time, even for MST and MDT! It contains a treasure trove of information on following the Celtic tree path, including information on each tree for this particular region. 

I admit it; I should have put this together sooner, but nothing motivates quite like frustration. 

When I sat down to do my magical planning for 2013 I simply had nothing that really worked for me like the local weekly planner I had used before. 

Last year I literally cut apart a wall calendar for the Denver magical community and pasted the days into another day planner. It became comically thick and several of the pages stuck together most inconveniently. 

I managed to use it, mostly. But this last December I was out of patience and finally went ahead and made the weekly planner that I really needed. 

It came out so well that I decided to make copies for the women in my circle so that they would be able to keep track of our events. 

And, of course, it would make a lovely gift for a select few friends. 

Actually, as I was looking at it, it was really quite useful and perhaps my friends over at SpiritWays Metaphysical could sell a few copies. 

Well, by the end of this weekend I've produced forty copies and nearly every shop in the Denver area has either requested them, bought some, or is ready to order more. 

There are signed copies available at SpiritWays Metaphysical (3301 East Colfax). When those run out I'll be bringing over more! SpiritWays has been very supportive, and they are the top sellers of The Goddess of Denver. No one knows how to recommend your book like a reader!

Also, Shining Lotus (2178 South Colorado Blvd) took four copies on consignment and restocked The Goddess of Denver for the new year! Don't miss the opportunity to browse their extensive used book selection. 

There are other shops ready to receive copies, I'll let you know where else to find it when I've made the deliveries! 

Happy New Year local Pagans!

© Paulie Rainbow 2013